GTA VI Pre-Order Surfaces Online with Outrageous PriceGTA VI Pre-Order Surfaces Online with Outrageous Price

GTA VI Pre-Orders Open Despite Uncertain Release Date and Absurd Price Tags

GTA VI pre-orders are already live on some websites, and the prices are absolutely ridiculous especially since the game doesn’t even have a release date yet.

Rockstar Games declined to provide an actual launch date for the game, instead saying it will release sometime in 2025.
As we await the second GTA VI trailer that will hopefully shed more light on the game’s features and release date, many are surprised to see that pre-orders for the game are already live. , and absurd fees are being charged for them.

Think Twice Before Splurging on this Unannounced Game Pre-Order at $139.28

For example, this pre-order offer will get you a key to the game upon its unannounced release for a small payment of $139.28. Why on earth you would spend that much on a pre-order is beyond me, especially since you’ll be able to find it at a normal price when the official pre-order is online.

Anticipating GTA VI Pricing – Is it the Standard AAA Tag

That being said, there has been a lot of speculation about how much GTA VI will actually cost. Many are expecting the usual premium price point that other AAA games cost, but others believe that the size and scope of the game may lead to an above-average price. Either way, it won’t be anywhere near the price of this site on release.

For launch day, GTA VI will be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. PC users will have to wait for a port of a game like GTAV, but many have said they’re more than willing to buy the game on a console and buy a second copy on PC so they can play the game on day one.

Official pre-orders will likely go live once the game gets an actual release date, which will be shared during the game’s second trailer, whenever that may happen.

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