Halo Silver Team and Their Impact on GamingHalo Silver Team and Their Impact on Gaming

Master Chief and three new Spartans, each with a unique backstory, are paired in the Halo game show.

The best characters in any Halo task are teams of Spartans. Not only can three or four super troops with armor and weapons worth a planet’s GDP win a war, but they are more than just fighters. The Spartans aren’t known for their sparkling conversational skills or towering personalities, but they become brothers and sisters on the battlefield. Hello has featured many iconic squadrons, but the ongoing show brought the world the Silver Team.

Halo came under fire from angry fans over the significant changes in canon between the show and the games. This sequence is found in the “Silver Timeline”, which only exists in his narrative. The original Halo canon includes all games and novels. Fans marveled at the idea of developing new material when there was so much to adapt, but the Silver timeline allows for endless surprises.

Silver Team: who are they?

Silver Team is an elite Spartan-II group that conducts military missions for the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group under the United Nations Space Command. The Spartan-II program consists of several smaller groups, but the Silver Team is their most powerful and well-known. They operate out of the White Tower, a huge base on the Reach. Its leader is Master Chief Petty Officer John 117. In the continuity of the program, John is not only the franchise’s protagonist but also its most well-known Spartan. He shows up in promotional materials, and people instantly identify him. John is the team’s rifleman and lead assault operator in addition to being the team leader. When he removed his emotional regulator, his guidance became erratic, but the Silver Team respects him as their rightful commanding officer. Everyone knows what they need about Master Chief, but his companions are new recruits to the franchise. Who are the other members of the Silver Team?


Lieutenant Junior Grade Wanak-134 is the sub-leader and second strike operative of the Silver Team. He is the de facto deputy under the Master Chief. He wears a custom set of EOD class Mjolnir armor. His weapon of choice is the M392 DMR. Wanak is bold, brave, and proud. He is probably the tallest member of the Silver Team and its most prominent figure. He regularly brags, mocks the failures of his co-workers, and considers himself the most powerful of his fellow Spartans. During the hiatus between Halo seasons one and two, Wanak removed his emotional regulator. While elective self-surgery has made substantial changes for most people, Wanak is a strong-hearted braggart. He briefly mentions his newfound penchant for nature shows, demonstrating an increase in his passion, if nothing else.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Riz-028 is the communications specialist of the Silver Team. She is more technically savvy than her peers. This skill set is reflected in his coach. Riz wears a unique helmet, the Mark IV/S or “Samuel” with a Mark VI Mjolnir set. His gear comes with an upgraded suite of sensory tools co-developed by Reese after closely studying covenant-seeking programs. Riz’s work in and out of the field continually improves intelligence and surveillance technology. He has seen double-welding M6G Magnum pistols for the first time. During the first season finale, Reese suffered an explosion from a plasma grenade, leaving her with several near-fatal injuries. His brutal journey to recovery has been the strongest narrative beat in season two so far.


Petty Officer First Class Kai-125 is the sniper of the Silver Team. She arms herself with a standard issue SRS99-AM sniper rifle but also enjoys a Covenant Type-33 needle. His Mark IV/b Bertha helmet enjoys visual upgrades, targeting interlinks, and “Smart Shot” technology to help him get the job done. Kai Silver is the second member of the team to have her emotional regulator removed. She carefully watches John cut the device, encouraging him to do so. She becomes more competitive, compassionate and playful. She experiences more pronounced changes after removing her regulator than John. Kai is arguably the heart of the team, though that means little before his surgery.

On what basis is Silver Team built?

Silver Team is new to the Halo universe. Exhibitors obtained roles, names and details from internal documents of 343 Industries. Their Spartan concepts became the Silver Team. Master Chief regularly works with a group called the Blue Team in the books and games, but is currently absent from the show. The Silver Team has much in common with the Blue Team, including four members and the same gender disorder. The Silver Timeline allows writers to create new characters in Master Chief’s orbit.

The Silver Team has consistently been one of the most fascinating parts of the Halo series. With only a few characters to choose from, each member has gradually gained attention and interest. As Halo enters Season 2, the relationship between John, Wanak, Reese, and Kai may be one of the most integral elements of the series. The Silver Team may not come from the books or the games, but they have the potential to shine beyond their debut.

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