GTA 6 Fans Worried This Could Be the Franchise's Final ChapterGTA 6 Fans Worried This Could Be the Franchise's Final Chapter

Speculations on GTA VI’s Future and Delayed Gratification for PC Players

Some Grand Theft Auto fans believe that GTA VI could be the last one ever made, which seems frankly impossible.

GTA VI is still at least a year away. I say at least because Rockstar Games has yet to confirm when the game will launch in 2025. It is also believed that the game will only be available for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on launch day, so poor PC players will have to wait longer for their version of the game.

Amid the prolonged anticipation for GTA VI

As you can imagine the never-ending wait has led to a lot of speculation about the game, although some are looking ahead and theorizing that this could be the last GTA game ever.

One fan posted on Reddit, “Has anyone thought GTA VI could be the last GTA game? Rockstar has other ideas, including rumors of a new IP after its release in 2025.”

In short, fans thought the idea was completely ridiculous, and that Rockstar Games would never end their most successful franchise no matter how long it had been. One fan wrote, “Why remove the unlimited money bug,” while another added, “GTA is one of the most profitable franchises, why would they stop it?”

GTA VI – A Decade in the Making and the Uncertain Future of the Grand Theft Auto Series

Now to be fair, GTA VI will probably be the last Grand Theft Auto game we get for many years. First of all because it took so long to make, expect another decade to pass before we see a glimpse of GTA VII. There’s also the possibility that GTA VI will be followed by the return of Red Dead Redemption 3, or even other classic Rockstar IPs like Bully.

In the end, though, it’s practically guaranteed that more GTA games are on the way, not anytime soon but they are definitely coming. You can forgive fans for being a little nervously delusional though. Let’s concentrate on GTA 6 for the time being, though. It will be available for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in 2025.

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