Skull and Bones Acacia Locations GuideSkull and Bones Acacia Locations Guide

Acacia locations in Skull & Bones

Finding acacia skulls and bones is an essential part of finding tools of the trade. Without a supply of acacia wood, you won’t be able to upgrade your ship and progress with the main story of Skull and Bones. However, as the game gives you little guidance in this regard, actually finding acacia trees is much easier than it looks. To help you on your way, here’s how to get acacias in Skull and Bones – including the best place to grow acacias.

Described: The Acacia Quest of Skull and Bones

Soon after your first arrival in Saint Ann, you will find the Skull and Bones Acacia Quest, Tools of the Trade. After talking to the shipwright and the carpenter, the quest will ask you to get eight pieces of acacia wood. You will be awarded 240 silver and a repair kit plus 100 notoriety points.

This quest is part of the main story, so you can’t skip it. If you’re having trouble finding acacia wood locations, I’ll point you in the right direction.

How locate the Skull and Bones acacias

Go to your dhow and look at the map to find the nearest acacia tree. As the town of Sainte-Anne does not have an acacia site, you will need to zoom out a bit until the map shows the entire island and surrounding seas, as shown in the image above.

Don’t see Acacia location markers on your map? Make sure you track your search for tools of the trade in your journal. This will create markers.

The best place in Skull & Bones to farm acacias

As long as you’re using dhow, the best place to grow acacias is in the small lake northeast of Sainte-Anne. You can reach this acacia plantation by traveling north from the port of Sainte-Anne, then turning east and taking a narrow path through the rocks – although it seems as if your maps But the lake is separated from the sea, but your boat is actually there. Small enough to insert.

This acacia plantation is not only the closest to Saint Anne, but it is also inaccessible to large ships, which protects your dhow from more powerful players while logging. Just be aware that Nile crocodiles can still attack you, so be prepared to fight back.

There are eight acacia plantations within the lake. To identify acacia trees, look for small groups of three to four trees with bright green leaves, as shown in the photo above.

If you already have a large ship and are looking for more acacia wood, you can sail between the two smaller islands to the larger island to the west – almost directly from Sainte-Anne line. Although you can be attacked by other players, you will avoid the shark attacks along the way.

Acacia farming in Skull & Bones

To cultivate Acacia in Skull and Bones, all you need is a saw and your dhow. Since crafting a saw is also part of the Tools of the Trade quest, you probably already have one, but if not, a piece of scrap metal and two torn sails from St. Anne to craft one. Take me to the carpenter.

To use the saw, make sure your ship is close enough to the acacia trees, then select the crop. This will start a mini-game. Notice that little white arrow moving across the saw icon? For best results, click your mouse or action button whenever the arrow is on the green part of the bar. Depending on how well you play this harvesting mini-game, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Green: yields one acacia wood per success, and two acacia wood on the third success in a row.
  • Yellow: yields no acacia wood on the first two hits, but the third hit in the yellow area counts as a success, granting you one acacia wood.
  • Gray: doesn’t give you any acacia wood.

Don’t worry if another player is cutting down the acacia trees you see. The respawn time is very fast, so you shouldn’t wait more than a minute for them to respawn.

Skull and Bones acacia auto-harvest

If you don’t want to play the harvesting mini-game, you can enable the automatic harvesting option in the menu. To do this, open Settings and find the Gameplay tab, then check the Auto Harvest box. With this setting enabled, all you need to do is get close to an acacia tree and click to harvest. The game will do the gathering for you. Be aware that auto-harvesting only yields one piece of acacia wood per tree, compared to four pieces in the minigame if you play it successfully.

Good luck with your search for Skull and Bones Acacia Wood!

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