Helldivers 2: Picking Sides – Guard Dog or Rover?Helldivers 2: Picking Sides – Guard Dog or Rover?

Players wondering whether they should use a Guard Dog or Guard Dog Rover in Helldivers 2 can find a recommendation here.

Guard Dogs HellDivers 2 has backpack strategies that come in two types: Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover. While these two strategies are very similar in function, causing a crime-oriented drone to follow the user, players may want to know which guard dog is best before spending either application. This guide is here to shed some light on the matter and will help players pick a suitable guard dog in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs. Rover

While Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover are both excellent strategies, Rover has a slight advantage because of how often it activate. Helldivers 2 players who use the standard guard dog will find that it is often in their bag recharge, while the rover does not.


Players can combat the Guard Dog’s frequent inactivity by diligently resupplying and calling in new Guard Dog backpacks, as those actions will cause the drone to become active immediately. The Rover does not require maintenance at that level, though, making it easier to use.

Also, the rover is more prone to friendly fire incidents than a standard guard dog, as it occasionally sweeps its laser rifle beam across an active battlefield. The standard guard dog isn’t completely harmless, though it can shoot party members just like the turrets in Helldivers 2. Additionally, players who pay attention to their positioning, and avoid putting their teammates between the rover and the enemy, shouldn’t have too many problems with the drone.

Even if the rover melts a teammate or two during a mission, the drone fires indiscriminately with its ability to kill enemies. In fact, players who use this strategy will often find that they have the highest number of kills at the end of a mission in H2, and they’ve potentially solved dangerous bug violations and automaton drops. Has played a big role.

One final thing to mention is that there is a ship module that affects the Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover. Specifically, it’s “handcarts” and it reduces all backpack strategies by 10%. While this module can certainly help overcome the shortcomings of the standard Guard Dog, players will need a lot of equipment in Helldivers 2 before they can unlock it, and keep it out of reach for a while.

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