Xbox Game Pass Alert: Hitman 3's Grand Finale - Last Chance Play!Xbox Game Pass Alert: Hitman 3's Grand Finale - Last Chance Play!

Xbox Games Pass is a way for subscribers to play some titles for free, but one game won’t be available for long.

Although the Xbox Games Pass roster is updated every month with new options, some games stay there for more than a few weeks, giving players plenty of time to play them through. One such title is Hitman: World of Assassination which is the third in the Hitman series.

The Assassin-themed game has been on Xbox Games Pass since January 2022, and has been on the platform for over 12 months. However, that time is now coming to an end, with the lineup of free titles dropping at the end of the month.

Considering Hitman: Assassin’s Creed is a total of 24 hours, and up to 171 hours if you want to complete every side quest and achievement, you should start playing it early if you want to complete it for free.

How to play Hitman: World of Assassination for free on Xbox Game Pass

Before you can access the Xbox Games Pass roster you’ll need to sign up for an Xbox Games Pass subscription via the ‘Memberships’ tab in the Xbox Store. From there, your Game Pass Ultimate or console subscription will enable you to start downloading console titles like Hitman: World of Assassination.

With cloud gaming, you don’t even need to download a game to start playing, as long as you have a strong internet connection. You can find many items on your Xbox home screen or directly in the Xbox Store.

Hitman: World of Assassination brings a new freedom to the trilogy with its sandbox-style format, meaning the central Avatar Agent 47 can take out targets through a variety of methods, from simple silenced pistol shots to more absurd techniques. The wilder your imagination, the crazier your ending can be.

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