Unveiling the Past: Suicide Squad Supply Drops – A Live-Service RelicUnveiling the Past: Suicide Squad Supply Drops – A Live-Service Relic

Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League with all the Live Service mechanics players have come to expect, including a blast from Live Service’s past.

While Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may continue the Batman: Arkham franchise, it does so in a completely different way. Rather than being a single-player action adventure, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a third-person co-op shooter. In addition to this shift, players can expect a plethora of live service features, including a seasonal battle pass and an always-online requirement. Also, it feels like the game is hosting a controversial feature from past Live Service games, albeit in a less problematic form.

Since Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the loot box concept has been dying out. Not only were players quick to criticize the mechanic, but many countries also pushed to regulate it. So, studios have been following Fortnite’s seasonal structure instead, even as Overwatch 2 removed the loot box feature from the game entirely. However, it looks like loot boxes are still present in Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League’s supply drop mechanic.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Appear to Resurrect the Loot Box Idea

Unlocking and Crafting Weapons in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, one of the main ways to get new gear is through the game’s supply drop mechanic. After each mission, Penguin will send Task Force X a supply drop filled with random supplies. The pod will hit the ground, blink for a few seconds, and then pop open to reveal what players have earned. Typically, they are awarded with some guns, melee weapons, or shield mods. However, they don’t really have any control over what they get, and must instead rely on a random loot system. If they want that control, they can develop some weapons instead.

Depending on the task players complete, they may be compensated with multiple supply drops. Most of the time, they’ll only be awarded one per normal mission, but they can earn up to three after a Suicide Squad boss fight or extended quest. As they progress through the story, these supply drops will include even more types of weapons or gear, as long as they have completed the necessary side quests. Additionally, they can also be awarded elite-level infamous weapons, which are themed after famous supervillains.

Supply Drops from Suicide Squad Feel Like Loot Boxes in a New Way

As of now, Suicide Squad’s supply drops can’t be purchased with real-world currency, and it doesn’t look like Rocksteady has any plans for it, but they still have a similar feel and feel to the loot box system of the past. The opening animation looks ripped straight from other games’ loot boxes, the randomization feature is exactly how those microtransactions worked, and the content inside looks exactly like what Star Wars: Battlefront 2 would have offered. . While they are not loot boxes, they act like them except in name.

It’s likely that these supply drops were initially designed as a loot box system, since Suicide Squad took nine years to come out. In those nine years, the notion became extremely popular that only war had died out in favor of the system. While it would be impossible to prove without any official word, the supply drops at least feel like they were inspired by loot boxes.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s supply drops are one of the many live service mechanics the game has to offer. So far, those concepts have proven somewhat controversial with the fan base. But future Suicide Squad updates have a chance to liven things up a bit, especially as Rocksteady adds new characters to the roster. And through it all, hopefully these supply drops will continue to be an independent source of loot, because otherwise, the game will be following in the footsteps of difficult-to-win experiments.

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