Ubisoft CEO: Skull & Bones – A Quadruple-A Game! Exploring the Defense of the $70 Price TagUbisoft CEO: Skull & Bones – A Quadruple-A Game! Exploring the Defense of the $70 Price Tag

Ubisoft’s CEO has faced criticism for Skull & Bones‘ $70 price tag, but says it’s justified by being a “quadruple-A game.”

The release of Skull & Bones is just over a week away, and barring further delays, we’ll be sailing the high seas on February 16th. With the game’s upcoming release, it was a big part of Ubisoft’s recent conference call that Ubisoft discussed. Q3 sales for the fiscal year. In a question-and-answer session during the call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot was asked how he could justify S&B’s premium $70 price tag even though it has live service elements that are free-to-play. Can benefit from the play model.

Ubisoft Breaks $70 Pricing Barrier with Skull & Bones: A Risky Move for an Ambitious Title

Ironically, Skull & Bones will actually be Ubisoft’s first game to cost $70, which publishers have generally justified by claiming that the game will be more ambitious as the price increases. Exactly why Ubisoft decided to do this with an infamous, very specific new IP rather than some kind of Assassin’s Creed is puzzling, though not so much about the Skull and Bones development as an external point. Means more than looks.

“It’s a huge game, and we feel like people are going to really see how extensive and complete this game is. It’s really a complete, triple… quadruple-A game, that’s going to deliver over a long period of time.

Ubisoft will also likely try to recoup some of the cash it spent during development, which reportedly cost around $200 million. It’s already being reported that Ubisoft doesn’t expect to make a profit on Skull & Bones, which isn’t surprising given how long it’s been in development, and that bloated budget is likely Ubisoft’s biggest hit. There may be grounds for overcharging and refusal. Going free-to-play is probably in the best interest of the game though.

We’ll have to see how the full Skull & Bones launch on February 16th plays out, though, during a month that also sees titles like Persona 3 Reload, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth launch can be seen. It gets lost in the pile a bit. However, it’s become clear that while Ubisoft considers Skull & Bones a “quadruple-A game,” it doesn’t have high hopes for it.

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