The Lords Of The Fallen: Unveiling General Engstrom's Set!The Lords Of The Fallen: Unveiling General Engstrom's Set!

If players want to obtain General Engstrom’s set in The, they will need to complete a quest and defeat a powerful boss.

The Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG game that focuses on the importance of the Lampbearers against the battle with the demon god Adair. The recent update known as Trial of Three Spirits adds a lot of exciting content to the game that appeals to new and existing players. There are new challenges, and quest lines that players can participate in. These questlines grant armor sets as well as weapons, but possibly at the cost of facing a new secret boss.

The Blazing Hand Quest is a new quest line featuring General Engstrom. These Blazing Hands can be hard to find in such a vast world, but here are all the locations and prerequisites to complete the Coastline.

How to Finish the Challenge

To start this questline, first, you need three clues that are important throughout the questline. The signs are the Pledge of AdyrCrimson Ritual Fervour, and the sign of laughter. The Shrine of Adir Hush is located above a corpse on a broken slingshot at the start of Upper Kalrath, which you can access from Lower Kalrath. Getting excited about the crimson ritual is easy. All you have to do is interact with the Shrine of Adyr for the first time, and you’ll get a clue. For a hint of laughter, players must kill Crimson Rector Percival and complete the first part of Damarose the Marked’s questline to obtain it.

After getting the hints, head to the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard, known as the Shrine of Adyr. From here, take the left path, go down the stairs, and cross the bridge. You’ll soon reach an open area of the castle where you can fight the Light Reaper if you haven’t already defeated him. Here, you will be able to see a tree that you can interact with. Perform the Adir hint pledge to hear the dialogue and start the coastline.

The main objective of the quest line is to find the five Blazing Hands in different locations and throw quest items at them. The first Blazing Hand is located in Fife of the Chill Curse. Go up the stairs from Svornil’s Vestige and keep going straight until you reach the stairs at the end. Go up the ladder, and back to your right, you’ll find the Wintry Ordnance quest. Right next to the item, you’ll find the first Blazing Hand on a tree that you have to put out using the quest item, which you can put in your hand.

Make your way back to Adir’s Shrine for another Blazing Hand and go straight and down the stairs. Instead of going across the bridge this time, go into the tunnel on the left and go to the Umbral Realm. From here, you have to hug the right wall all the time until you reach the end of the tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, you’ll see a tree ahead with another Blazing Hand.

Next up is the third Blazing Hand, which requires you to go to the Sky Rest Bridge and back to the arena where you fight Pieta. From here go straight until you reach a gate on your left that leads to Upper Kalrath. Go down the ladder and use the umbrella lamp to get through the barred gate. Here, you’ll see a tree with a Blazing Hand. This is the area where you fight Kokajin if you are hostile to him.

Now on the fourth Blazing Hand, you have to go to the Blood Pilgrim’s Vestige in Brams Castle. Go straight to the left to the stairs that lead inside the castle. After climbing the stairs, take the left path that leads to the main room of the palace. Get out of here through the fire, which requires you to use your Umbral Lamp and transform into the Umbral Realm. To open the door ahead, you’ll need the Royal Key, which is on a bookcase on the second floor of the palace. Continue straight past the royal dining room into the courtyard, where you can find the fourth Blazing Hand.

For the final Blazing Hand, you’ll need to visit the Vestige of Hooded Intoli, which is over the Sunless Skein Mines. Open the door to the left of the vest using the Sunless Skan Key. The key is located on top of one of the cages just before the Skinstealer boss fights. Go through the gate, continue north until you reach a lava pit, and turn right to go up the stairs twice. Here, you’ll find the fifth Blazing Hand.

After extinguishing all the Blazing Hands, you must return to the tree you interacted with at the beginning of the questline and prompt the Crimson Ritual Furor. Doing so will summon General Engstrom, the boss associated with this questline. Defeating the boss drops General Engstrom’s armor set and some Umbral Scouring. Additionally, after the boss fights, you can point the laughter at the tree to get the Judgment and Punishment boss weapon. These are powerful hammer weapons that can deal a lot of damage if upgraded to the maximum level.

General Engstrom Boss Fight Advice

General Angstrom is a secret boss who appears at the end of the Blazing Hand Coastline. The boss is optional in terms of influencing the story but must be defeated if you want his armor set as well as both of his weapons. General Angstrom is a very agile enemy and can be annoying as long as the fight ends. The boss has a wide arsenal of attacks, such as slam attacks, flame spikes, clones, and more. General Engstrom can engage and disengage quite easily using his dash ability, allowing him to stay aggressive and move away when he feels pressured. However, when he wields two hammers, his attack speed is relatively slow, allowing you to easily dodge his attacks.

In addition to the boss being nimble, he also has a lot of health. Because of this, battles with General Engstrom can take a long time, and the constant spikes and dashing clones can tire even experienced players. Taking advantage of his slow swinging attacks and observing his dashes can lead to you defeating the boss quickly.

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