The Best 10 Cozy Games On PC That Go Beyond the Farming Craze!The Best 10 Cozy Games On PC That Go Beyond the Farming Craze!

These are the top Cozy Games on PC that are comfy if you need a little more relaxation.

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There are several main entry points to the leisure sports space: Stardive Valley and Animal Crossing are the largest and Disney Dream Light Valley is one of the newest.

If you need a new row to hoe after exhausting those niches, there are plenty of casual games on PC. “Cozy games” is a non-gender distinction that encompasses many different things to many people, but I think we can agree on the definition of soft visuals and gameplay that isn’t too demanding or fast-paced. Some of the best casual games keep the farming and friendship themes of the big two, but others are short adventures, casual RPGs, and even the occasional casual horror game. If the old favorite games are no longer fruitful for you, we have selected a fresh list of beautiful and cool games. These are the best casual games on PC that you should try after finishing all your village routines.


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Release Date: 2023 | Developer: Don’t Nod | Steam

Jasant is about climbing to the top of a world that was once underwater with your little magical companion. It focuses heavily on the rock climbing system that Don’t Node has developed but isn’t as intense as it sounds. It’s like a puzzle platformer where you’re always trying to figure out how to get to the next area by combining the exercises you’re taught: ballet climbing, swinging, magic plants or using the wind to your advantage. , and more. It’s something that feels very physical when holding the left and right triggers on your controller (which I don’t recommend, as I do) to constantly move your left and right hands to each new handhold.

Chants of Sennaar

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Release Date: 2023 | Developer:  Rundisc | Steam

Chants of Sennaar is an adventure game about learning languages and it was my personal favorite game of 2024. Each area of the tower you climb is occupied by a different group of people with their own language. By talking to the people around you, examining the walls and shop signs, and all the other clues hidden in the environment, you begin to piece together the meanings of each word. Taking notes in your sketchbook is a great record of how your thought process changes as you puzzle through each language as you uncover the truth about the tower and how all these people stopped communicating.


(Image credit: Thatgamecompany)

Release Date: 2012 (2020 on PC) | Developer: Thatgamecompany | Steam

Journey is an old classic that predates the casual game trend but has held up incredibly well since being ported to PC. It’s a wordless desert-to-mountaintop adventure with an incredible soundtrack that was the first video game to be nominated for a Grammy Award. The journey will have you experience the full spectrum of emotions with a silent protagonist as you surf through ruins, fly with a magic carpet whale, and finally brave the snowy peaks.


(Image credit: Something We Made)

Release Date: 2021 | Developer:  Something We Made | Steam 

For a game in black and white, Tweem has a lot of personality. It’s an adventure game where you solve puzzles and riddles by using your camera to photograph things around you. Stamp Book Challenges is really cool classic adventure game stuff that forces you to pay attention to all the environments in the world. It’s also a pretty short game that you can finish in three or four hours.

Book of Travels 

(Image credit: Might and Delight)

Release date: 2021 (early access) | Developer: Might and Delight | Steam

This gorgeous RPG is actually a smaller version of an MMO with only seven-player servers. You’ll create a character sheet and begin exploring the Braided Shore where magic is done by drinking tea and tying knots. Spend your time fishing and trading, buy spells that trigger fireworks or turn you into a deer, and engage in semi-turn-based combat if you’re feeling adventurous. This is an exceptionally cool online game where you interact with others only through emotions, a truly beautiful world with an equally soothing soundtrack. Still, in early access, Book of Travels is planning more map areas to continue its very subtle story.


Release date: 2022 | Developer: Half Asleep | Steam

Rhythm games don’t really have a reputation for being cool, but Melatonin is definitely low-key and relaxing. With its muted colors and lo-fi beats, Melatonin is almost as relaxing as its name implies. Instead of having bars of beats thrown at you, you’ll play through visual cues that help you complete beats in each of its levels.

A Short Hike 

(Image credit: adamgryu)

Release date: 2019 | Developer: adamgryu | Steam

For those who want a casual game that doesn’t consume 100+ hours, this super cute adventure can be completed in about four hours. Explore an island mountain park while helping the people around you and uncovering the little secrets of your journey to the top. The park is beautiful enough from the ground, but your main character can also fly down, so don’t forget to look for hidden areas and unseen new friends.


(Image credit: Toukana Interactive)

Release date: 2022 | Developer: Toukana Interactive | Steam

Strategy games don’t usually strike me as relaxing, but Dorfomantik really lets you take the pressure off. I lost an entire weekend in this hack-based tile game the first time. In its standard mode, you’ll use a deck of hex tiles to match sections of fields, cities, waterways, and railroads to complete quests and expand your deck until you Don’t run out of tiles. For even less stress, creative mode lets you create a beautiful stretch of tiles in any order from a never-ending deck.

Beacon Pines 

(Image credit: Hiding Spot)

Release date: 2022 | Developer: Hiding Spot | Steam

Another casual game that will only ask for hours, Beacon Pines is an adventure inside a storybook with a super chill narrator. As you explore the town, you’ll earn new words, allowing you to open new branches on the story tree in a Mad Libs-like puzzle. This is what I would consider a comfortable horror: a mystery about an old factory town where people are going missing. Although not afraid to jump, there is only a sense of dread as young friends Luca and Rollo dig themselves deeper into the city’s history.


(Image credit: Witch Beam)

Release date: 2021 | Developer: Witch Beam | Steam

Moving house is stressful, but unpacking is a very cool, light-hearted experience. You’ll start with a small arrangement of toys in a bright children’s bedroom, later unlocking several rooms where the main character grows up and collects or swaps things they’ve kept over the years. are going That pink stuffed pig deserves your loyalty, so make sure it’s placed somewhere prominent.

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