Tekken 8 with new jin kazama trailer

Checkout Tekken 8 with new jin kazama trailer

In February, Tekken 8 fans had a lot to be excited about due to various announcements and unveilings. The Tekken World Tour Finals displayed the Heat system and announced Nina Williams as a returning character. After all, Kazuya Mishima’s trailer was released and featured impressive visual effects and muscular fighting.

Tekken 8 with new jin kazama trailer

Jin Kazama’s trailer has also been released, revealing a new stage that looks like a Tekken version of Times Square, and a modified move set that includes some moves from Devil Jin. It seems that Devil Jin may not be a playable character, as Jin has incorporated some of his abilities.

Some fans may not appreciate Tekken 8’s shift towards an anime-like style with flashy effects, but there are still six more characters yet to be revealed. With a new trailer potentially being released each week until EVO Japan in March, there is still much to anticipate.

There are four weeks left until EVO Japan, and six characters have yet to be revealed for Tekken 8. It’s possible that some of the remaining characters will be familiar ones, and a major character reveal may happen during the tournament.

It’s unlikely that a Jun trailer will be released soon since she hasn’t appeared in the series for a long time. The author would like to see a Lars trailer next since he has mostly been shown getting defeated by other characters in Tekken 8 so far.

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