Tekken 8 Patch 1.01.04: Devil Jin, Dragunov, Leo Nerfs & MoreTekken 8 Patch 1.01.04: Devil Jin, Dragunov, Leo Nerfs & More

Tekken 8 has had certain characters dominate the meta since day one, and the first patch aims to knock many of its strongest fighters down a peg.

Tekken 8’s first patch is coming shortly after launch, and it’s already delivering some nerfs.

Rena, Dragunov, Devil Jin, Leo, Jake, and Jon are affected in different ways. From limiting their ability to land combos to making some of their bread-and-butter combos much easier to punish, it’s unclear how much this will affect these characters’ strengths. Will, but we update our tier list accordingly.

With Tekken 8 announced for EVO 2024, players will have to adapt quickly to the upcoming balance changes if they want to top the world’s biggest fighting game tournament.

When will Tekken 8 be online again?

Currently, the servers are down for maintenance as the update goes live. Online services will be unavailable until the servers are brought back online on February 6th at 11 PM PST, and February 7th at 2 AM EST.
The notes for Tekken 8 patch 1.01.04 are as follows:

Complete patch notes for Tekken 8 1.01.04

Typical Modifications

  • Special style
  • (During Special Style) Fixed an issue where the start of certain moves would be delayed by 1 frame when buffering attack input during recovery.
  • Balcony b
  • Due to an issue where using a certain move caused a balcony break and characters moved out of the battle area, adjustments were made to pushback collision detection.

Alisa (Bugfix)

  • Hertz Blade – Diablo (During Destructive Formf 1+2)
    • In Practice mode, corrected the issue where frame advantage was not shown accurately. Originally, it was displaying + 8 frames on the block, but the correct value is + 5 frames on the block.

Devil Jin (Nerf)

  • Spinning Demon Hellfire Beam(f, n, d, D/F 4 > 1+2 on hit)
    • Changed the damage distribution from 10/20 to 7/14
    • Reduced the forward movement of the first hit to shorten its reach.
    • Fixed a bug where the opponent’s distance from the character grew only after the second hit was input.
  • Tiger Thrush(1 During Morning Crow)
    • Reduced the duration of the attack by 1 frame to make it less likely to hit against sidestepping opponents.
    • Changed the damage from 25 to 20.
    • Modified the chip damage on the block from 10 to 6.

Dragunov (Nerf)

  • Avalanche Hammer Rush(d 1, 2, 1+2)
    • The recovery frames for the first two hits have been increased by 2 frames (Guard: -6 Frames >>> -8 Frames, Hit: +8 Frames >>> +6 Frames). The third hit of the combo is unaffected.
  • Slicing Sobat (u/f 4 or u 4 or u/b 4)
    • The character now turns toward the opponent upon hitting. With this modification, follow-up assaults that hit in an off-axis state become more stable.
    • Six frames sooner, the opponent now shifts to a downed state.
  • Ignition Switch (d, d/f, f 4)
    • There is now more space between the player and their opponent on the block.
    • The chip damage during the block has been changed from 8 to 5.

Jack-8 (Bugfix, but mostly a nerf)

  • Double Biceps (b 1, 2)
    • Resolved a bug that prevented the opponent from doing a backward ukemi following an aerial hit.

Jun (Bugfix, but mostly a nerf)

  • Yukimiguruma (WR 3, 3+4)
    • Increased the recovery time by 5 frames.
    • Increased the opponent’s recovery time when blocked by 5 frames.
    • Frame advantage on block remains unchanged.
  • Divine Exile – Heaven (u/f 1)
    • Modified the response after being hit to stop inadvertent follow-up attacks.

Leo (Nerf)

  • Ying Mian Tui (b 3, 1) | Jue Zhao Ying Mian Tui (b 3, 1 during Lightning Glare)
    • Increased the recovery time by 3 frames only when the move is blocked, resulting in a change from a frame advantage of -7 frames on block to -10 frames on block.
  • Ding Zhou Meng Po Kao (b 1, 1+2)
    • Reduced the recovery time inflicted on the opponent by 3 frames only when the move is blocked, resulting in a change from a frame advantage of -9 frames on the block to -12.

Leroy (Nerf)

  • Earth Sunder Chain(b 3+4)
    • Decreased the knockback distance when the strike is blocked, increasing the likelihood that the counterattack would be successful.

Lili (Buff)

  • Divine Step (u 3+4)
    • To make it harder to fall beneath a floating opponent, the collision detection against them has been extended below.

Nina (Nerf)

  • (f 4)
    • shifted the timing such that hits from the front and side would cause the opponent to be able to block for two frames.

Raven (Buff)

  • Assassin’s Sting > Phantom Javelin (db 2, 1, 1) | Body Blow > Phantom Mace (d/f 1, 4 | Blinding Knife > Phantom Javelin (BT 2, 2, 1) | Swift Blade > Phantom Mace (During Soulzone 1, 4)
    • Inconsistencies have been corrected by adjusting the recovered frames to match the standing block following the crouched guard against the doppelganger attack.

Reina (Nerf)

  • Wind God Step (f, n, d, df)
    • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented moving from a running state to Wind God Step.
  • War God Kick (f, n, d, DF 1) | Electric War God Kick (f, n, d, df 1 (df and 1 pressed simultaneously)
    • Reduced the knockback distance when the attack is blocked.
    • Eliminated the crouched position for the initial portion of the assault animation.
    • Increased the damage hurt box.
    • Made it feasible to use a reversal move to defend against it
  • Inverse Deva Laser (During Sentai 1+2)
    • Changed the reaction when hitting a downed opponent to keep Reina from repeatedly hitting bears.

Steve (Bugfix)

  • Gatling Gun (During Ducking 1+2, 1+2, 1+2, 1+2)
    • Reducing the distance to the opponent at the moment of the initial hit makes it simpler to hit larger characters again.

Yoshimitsu (Bugfix)

  • Ubume (During Manji Dragonfly 2, 4, b)
    • Fixed a bug where the flying state lingered longer than planned after switching to Muto no Kiwami. This led to opponents punishing attacks hitting while still airborne.

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