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Tekken 8 Comes with new Heat System and Nina Williams Trailer

Right before the Top 8 at the Tekken World Tour Grand Finals in Amsterdam, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray, who leads the Tekken project, shared fresh details about Tekken 8.

This included a 35-minute video that covered new gameplay features, a private alpha test, and the addition of Nina Williams, a long-standing character in the series, to the roster.

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Nina has been a part of every significant Tekken game since the original title in 1994. Her latest version emphasizes her abilities as a secret agent and assassin by incorporating dual pistols into her Jujutsu and Koppojutsu-based combat style.

New Heat System

Tekken 8 introduces a new game mechanic called the Heat Gauge, which players can activate by either pressing a single button called a Heat Burst or by performing certain moves called Heat Engagers unique to each character. Once activated, the Heat Gauge gives the player an offensive advantage and access to new gameplay features until it runs out.

What sets the Heat Gauge apart is that the attacking player can temporarily pause the gauge’s depletion by continuing to attack and forcing their opponent to block. This mechanic encourages a more aggressive playstyle while also providing new players with tools to learn multiple characters.

The health gauge is also undergoing significant changes in Tekken 8. Recoverable health appears after a character blocks a big move from their opponent, but unlike in previous Tekken games, where players could recover health through defensive play or by switching characters, Tekken 8 only allows health to be regained through attacking.

Image Credits: Bandai Namco

The Closed Alpha Test for Tekken 8 will be available at select offline locations around the world, with the first location being Evo Japan 2023 in March. Tekken 7 entrants will have the opportunity to sign up for the Alpha Test via a special website. Additional locations for the Alpha Test will be announced later.


Tekken 8 will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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