Subnautica 2 First In-Game Screenshot RevealedSubnautica 2 First In-Game Screenshot Revealed

With the publication of a fresh snapshot, Krafton has provided us with our first official look at Subnautica 2.

Subnautica publisher Krafton released a new earnings report earlier this week, causing a bit of confusion among fans. Although it originally appeared that Krafton was making Subnautica 2 a live service title, an update was quickly released explaining that this simply meant that the game would be supported continuously, instead of Featuring live service trapping such as battle passes or microtransactions.

In the midst of all the confusion, an image was released that people must have assumed was a piece of concept art or a standard screenshot from the first Subnautica. In fact, developer Liam Tartt recently revealed on Twitter earlier today that this is an in-game screenshot of Subnautica 2 that he personally took, which is now essentially our first proper look at the game.

In the screenshot, which is embedded above, we can see several interesting features, including a new underwater vehicle. A few jellyfish-like animals, a purple species on the right, and a gigantic shark-like creature in the center are among the new organisms we can see floating around., which is likely to be a new Leviathan. Looks pretty big.

We have a lot more we want to add. We’re trying to keep the unique art style of SN1/BZ but utilise UE5 for much higher fidelity. I think you’ll all be impressed by the final product!

Tart goes on to say that Subnautica 2 will see a lot of graphical improvements between now and the release, as the developers try to stick to the art styles of Subnautica and Below Zero, while also using Unreal Engine 5 for higher fidelity. Honestly, the screenshot that has been released already looks pretty fantastic, so it will be interesting to see what the final product looks like when Subnautica is actually released in Early Access.

As for when it’s going to be, there was some confusion about the release date even earlier this week. Krafton seems to have plans to launch Subnautica 2 into Early Access sometime this year, but developer Unknown Worlds reiterated that it won’t be until early 2025 when we see the game’s release. . However, he explained that we’ll get more substantial news about Subnautica 2 sometime this year, possibly at one of this summer’s big gaming events.

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