Stellar Blade Developers' Special Focus on the Back of Eve UnveiledStellar Blade Developers' Special Focus on the Back of Eve Unveiled

Stellar Blade developer Shiftup says it paid “special attention” to protagonist Eve’s back because it’s what players will “see the most”.

Earlier this month, at PlayStation’s State of Play conference, Stellar Blade received a new video that gave us a glimpse of the action-packed battle system and a release date to mark on our calendars. Despite looking like an excellent Nier Automata-inspired, Xbox 360 throwback, most of the talk surrounding the title has been about protagonist Eve’s body.

Controversy Surrounding Character Design in Stellar Blade: Addressing Backlash and Developer’s Clarification

The trailers for Stellar Blade have mostly focused on the main character, Eve, with her back in particular drawing a lot of attention. This led developer ShiftUp to reveal that Eve’s character model is based on a real woman, Korean supermodel Shin Jae-eun, and that a lot of time and effort was put into modeling the character’s back because the same player ” Will see. Mostly”.

Stellar Blade director Hyung-Tae Kim revealed that the developers paid “special attention” to the protagonist Eve’s back, claiming that the game’s third-person perspective is the reason, as players are “always behind the character.” “. As expected, this caused much derision among gamers, with Kim interpreting the comment as saying that the team deliberately worked behind Eve’s back, but asserting that It is not.

When it comes to design, we pay special attention to the character’s back because the player is always facing the character’s back when playing. This is what they see the most, so we thought it was very important.

Eve is a sexual character in the same realm as Bayonetta, 2B, and Lara Croft, but Kim says her design “doesn’t hurt the narrative”. The handful of trailers we’ve had for Stellar Blade have seen many of the characters intricately designed with obvious attention to detail, so it makes sense that Eve’s back is heavily on the back of the whole. Attention and focus will be given. If players are constantly watching it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t titles at play here. ShiftUp’s previous game, Gods of Victory: Nikki, is notorious for its fanservice, so it’s not like the developers don’t have a history of giving their characters backsides that could sink the ship. If anything, Stellar Blade is slightly toned down compared to Shiftup’s previous work, which is probably for the best, as more of it could be perceived as even more annoying.

Whether you’re a fan of Stellar Blade fanservice or not, the game will finally launch later this year on April 26th. It will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles, though there’s no word on a PC port at this time.

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