Steam 12 Free Games for Download & Play! Steam 12 Free Games for Download & Play!

Gather around Steam users. If you’ve banned yourself from buying games or if you’re just looking to save a few bucks this month, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 12 games that won’t cost you anything to play. With a mix of full releases and fascinating demos, let’s dive right in.

Defenders of the Omniverse

First up, there’s a brand new demo for Omniverse’s upcoming action roguelike Defenders. Developed by Babushka Entertainment, Defenders of the Omniverse is inspired by 80s cartoons like He-Man and Masters of the Universe, so it will likely scratch the nostalgia itch for a few players. Set in a world between realities, you are tasked with defeating the dark wizard Ambrose who is trying to take over the universe. It appears to be a hoot, and there are several heroes to select from.

Watch Defenders of the Omniverse in action by clicking the link below.

Plane Accident: Prologue

Next up, we have White Pig Games’ plane Accident. In this first-person puzzler, you’ll be tasked with gathering evidence to solve a mystery involving, you guessed it, a crashed plane. This is the playable offer, so it will allow you to decide if you want to buy the full game which is set to launch on February 22nd.

Intravenous 2: Mercenarism

If single-player top-down shooters are more your jam, you’ll want to check out Intravenes II’s prologue. Developed by Explosive Squat Games, you take on the role of Gideon, a cold-hearted mercenary who kills “for money without any moral principles.” The offer includes a full mission giving you a taste of the game which is due out sometime this year.

Bitty Knight & Elvera

Moving on to Bitty Night by Unklnik. It’s another top-down game but this time, we’ve gone for a roguelike style. With random levels and over 30 power-ups, Bitty Night promises players that no two playthroughs are the same, offering endless hours of fun. It’s completely free to play and you can jump in right now. Despite being in Early Access, Elvera is also free to play. In this PvP action game from solo developer Martin Muscle, players will join the battle between two warring factions. You can influence these factions using the game’s unique manifesto and Twinbytes mechanics, setting Elvira apart from similar titles.

Pocket Pusher & Galacticverse

Fans of arcade games should check out Skylor Beck’s Pocket Pusher. You will mainly rely on ball dropping and coin pushing to get your prize in the game. It’s completely free during the early access period that’s going on right now. Next up, we have the single-player shooter Galacticverse. You know the drill by now. It’s free to play and in early access, and the game sees you hunt down a mysterious threat in a Star Wars-esque futuristic city.

BLOODSONG & Dream Team Basketball

Bloodsong is one for you rhythm fans. Developed by Three Owls in a Trench Coat, you play as punk rock siren Princess Mari, who uses her movements to music to escape her mother’s underwater lair and watchful eyes and reach her concert. Must compete. It is free to play and available now. As is Dream Team Basketball. Developed by Dream Team Games, it’s not too hard to guess that it revolves around basketball. It’s a turn-based card battler, so you’ll need to use logic – more than physical prowess – to best the opposing team.

Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors of Etheria

Infinite Interactive’s Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors of Etheria is also available now. It started life as a mod for Warlords Battlecry 3, but Davis says it’s a standalone experience that doesn’t require the original game to run. “Aetheria is in confusion as a terrible threat that has been predicted for a long time emerges to put an end to an essential struggle. Will you save or lose your kin?” Will you?” The summary teases.

Kings Call & Moi Moi Heroes

We have almost reached the end. Starlight Games brings us Kings Call, a free-to-play trading card game playable through a browser. You will take on the role of the Lord of Silver Heron Ridge who wants to get as many creatures and spells as possible to defeat the monsters of his lands. Finally, ArcaNova has launched Moi Moi Heroes. I might have left the finest until last. Perfect for fans of classic platformers, this third-person 3D indie platformer sees you transform into the figurehead of Easter Island who must help King Moi Moi reclaim his crown. It looks like loads of fun and is free to play in early access. Hopefully, something here appeals to you.

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