Starfield Save Data Folder: Guide to Your Game Save LifelineStarfield Save Data Folder: Guide to Your Game Save Lifeline

Welcome to the ultimate guide on managing your Starfield Save Data Folder and configuration file. As you dive into the infinite cosmos of Starfield, ensuring a smooth ride becomes paramount. We’ll be focusing on two crucial elements that keep your journey seamless – your game’s save data folder and the configuration file.

Why is the Starfield Save Data Folder Important?

The Guardian Angel: Starfield Save Data Folder

Game save files are your unsung heroes. They come to your rescue when a sudden power cut or a system crash threatens to wipe out your progress. In a game like Starfield, where every decision leaves a permanent footprint, safeguarding your saved files is non-negotiable.

The Silent Worker: Configuration File

The configuration file, albeit less glamorous, is equally essential. It’s your magic wand to adjust the game’s visual and performance parameters. Want to indulge in a more intense graphical experience? Or do you need to tone down the settings for your vintage system? Either way, the configuration file is your key to customization.

Locating the Starfield Save Data Folder

To find your Starfield Save Data Folder, navigate to Documents > My Games > Starfield > Saves.

This folder is your treasure trove, housing all the saved files related to your space adventure.

Finding the Starfield Configuration File

To locate the Starfield Configuration File, search for StarfieldPrefs.ini in Documents > My Games > Starfield.

Open this file with Notepad, and you can tweak your game settings to your heart’s content.

The Importance of Backup

Backing Up Your Save Data

Backing up your saved files is not a suggestion. It’s a commandment. Whether you choose a cloud-based service like Google Drive or stick with an external hard drive, regularly cloning your Saves folder is crucial. Don’t let a minor glitch morph into a major catastrophe.

Configuration Backup: A Wise Move

Backing up your StarfieldPrefs.ini file may not seem as critical, but it can save you precious time. If you’ve spent hours calibrating your game settings, losing them can cause significant frustration.

Steps to Backup Your Data

For Save Files

  1. Right-click on the Saves folder.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Navigate to your backup location.
  4. Paste the copied folder.

For the Configuration File

  1. Right-click on StarfieldPrefs.ini.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Paste the copied file in a designated “Backup” folder or any other secure location.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Just as you wouldn’t dive into a black hole without adequate preparation, understanding how to locate and back up your Starfield Save Data and Configuration Files is crucial to your gaming experience.

Make these steps a part of your gaming routine, and you’re all set for your cosmic journey. Explore new worlds, make crucial decisions, and let the stars guide you. But remember, always back up your data. These small but significant steps will ensure a smooth and successful gaming experience in Starfield.


In conclusion, managing your Starfield Save Data Folder and configuration file is crucial for a seamless gaming experience in the vast universe of Starfield. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can avoid potential issues and optimize your gameplay settings to suit your preferences. Remember to regularly back up your saved files and make necessary adjustments as you explore new planets and encounter different challenges. Embrace the limitless possibilities of Starfield by taking control of your game data. Now, it’s time to launch into the cosmos and embark on an epic adventure like no other!

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