Starfield Game: The AMD Exclusivity and the Absence of Nvidia's DLSSStarfield Game: The AMD Exclusivity and the Absence of Nvidia's DLSS

The RPG gaming universe has been set abuzz with the release of Starfield, a space-themed RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The exclusivity of the game’s PC partner, AMD, has raised eyebrows, and the absence of Nvidia’s DLSS has sparked further discussions.

AMD’s Exclusive Partnership with Bethesda

AMD and Bethesda have forged an exclusive partnership for the development of Starfield. The partnership aims to optimize the game for multithreaded code on Xbox and PC, Ryzen 7000 processors, and Radeon 7000 series graphics cards.

“AMD is Starfield’s exclusive PC partner,” as stated by AMD gaming chief, Frank Azor.

This exclusivity has put a spotlight on the relationship between Bethesda and AMD, and the implications it could have on the gaming industry.

The AMD-Only FSR 2 Upscaling Technology

Starfield’s PC version only supports AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), particularly the second iteration, FSR 2. This technology’s exclusivity has sparked speculations amongst gamers and industry observers alike.

PC Settings Options:
1. FSR 2
2. FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS)
3. Upscaling Off
PC Settings Screenshot

Absence of Nvidia’s DLSS

The absence of Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) in Starfield has been a notable point of discussion.

“If they want to do DLSS, they have AMD’s full support,” said AMD gaming chief Frank Azor.

Yet, the current state of affairs indicates that Bethesda has prioritized AMD’s FSR over DLSS, at least for now.

What about Intel’s XeSS?

Starfield’s PC settings also do not support Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), adding another layer to the game’s graphics technology preferences. This choice further emphasizes the exclusivity of AMD’s technology in Starfield.

Speculations on the AMD Exclusivity

There have been speculations that this exclusivity might only be for a limited period, after which Bethesda might incorporate other supersampling technologies. However, no official confirmation has been made by either Bethesda or AMD.

The Community Response

While official incorporation of DLSS remains a point of contention, the gaming community has taken matters into their own hands. Modders have started working on getting DLSS working in Starfield, until Bethesda takes a stance on the matter.

Starfield’s Release

Starfield was released on PC and Xbox on September 6th, with early access starting from August 31st, depending on the version of the game purchased.

Starfield: A New Frontier in Gaming

Despite the discussions surrounding its graphics technology, Starfield has been well-received by gamers and critics alike, earning a 7/10 review from IGN.

“Starfield is awash with elements working against it however, eventually the appeal of its apex role-playing games and a respectable fighting style make the game’s pull hard for players to avoid.”

The Future of DLSS in Starfield

The future of DLSS in Starfield remains uncertain, with the decision ultimately falling on Bethesda. As the gaming community waits for an update, the focus remains on the game itself, and the unique space adventure it presents.


The launch of Starfield has brought to light the intricate dynamics between game developers and graphics technology companies. The exclusivity of AMD’s FSR 2 in Starfield has sparked discussions and speculations, highlighting the influence of such partnerships on the gaming industry. As the situation unfolds, gamers worldwide continue to delve into the space adventure that is Starfield, navigating through its challenges with sheer gaming prowess.

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