Starfield Coming to PS5! What You Need to KnowStarfield Coming to PS5! What You Need to Know

Insiders report that the largest Xbox game in years may soon be available on PlayStation.

According to multiple insiders, Xbox is planning to bring its biggest exclusive in years, Starfield, to PS5 sometime after the release of the Shattered Space expansion.

For Xbox, the last few months have been a little odd. After Activision bought Blizzard for around $69 billion by the end of 2023, rumors have started flying recently that a number of console exclusives are coming to other platforms. Rumors initially indicated that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves were no longer Xbox exclusives, but they’ve snowballed over the past few days to the point where some insiders are claiming that almost anything is fair game.

And by anything, we really mean anything. According to a report from Xbox Era, Starfield, one of the biggest Xbox exclusives of the last decade, is coming to PS5 and PC after the release of the Shattered Space expansion, which currently has a release date. Not yet but expected. Sometime this year

Microsoft is also pouring extra money into PS5 dev kits to support game development on the platform, according to anonymous Xbox Era sources. XboxEra’s sources also claim that Hi-Fi Rush is targeting the first quarter of 2024 for its release on other platforms, with the change in strategy expected to be announced sometime this month.

The porting of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves to other consoles was already causing a lot of controversy among Xbox fans who felt like they were losing their main reason for buying the console, but Starfield became another one. Totally a kettle of fish, as one of the marketing staples for it was its Xbox feature.

It seems that not everyone at Xbox is happy with the decision, as XboxEra also reports that Microsoft’s senior leadership has discussed the pros and cons of releasing more of its exclusives on other consoles. Along with this decision is the recovery of the “money left on the table”. Allegedly turning the tides.

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