Silent Hill 2 Remake: Unique or Resident Evil 2 Vibes?Silent Hill 2 Remake: Unique or Resident Evil 2 Vibes?

Blubber Team’s remake looks pretty familiar and doesn’t have a release date yet.

Action isn’t the first thing I think of when it comes to Silent Hill 2, but Konami decided to show it off in a new trailer today during Sony’s State of Play stream.

Silent Hill 2 Official Trailer

If you squint, the whole thing looks like a remake of Resident Evil 2 with Flash. Even in 4K, I couldn’t tell if I was watching James Sunderland or Leon S Kennedy. Both men hold the gun similarly, but only one of them knows how to do a dropkick.

There isn’t much to it in the trailer. Blubber Team’s remake seems to be following in the footsteps of Capcom’s successful Resident Evil remake, which, obviously, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just don’t think that a montage of guys shooting weirdly in pitch-black rooms is the best way to convince anyone that you’re making a faithful remake of a beloved survival horror game. In fact, it probably points in the opposite direction.

Silent Hill 2, as the trailer’s ending reiterates, doesn’t have a release date yet. The Blubber team has been tight-lipped about it since its 2022 announcement and has only recently pointed the finger at Konami as to why there have been so few updates.

There’s more to Silent Hill 2 than what you see in the trailer, however, so it’s too early to tell where it will land for die-hard fans. But as these things usually go, the reactions will probably be pretty divided. At least the Blubber team knows survival horror well: our reviewer thoroughly enjoyed its remake of Layers of Horror last year.

Silent Hill fans are eager for anything new and PlayStation 5 owners can play Silent Hill: The Short Message for free right now. Konami and Hexadrive developed a first-person horror experience similar to P.T. Set in Germany. According to producer Motoi Okamoto on the PlayStation Blog, the game follows a young woman named Anita as she experiences the horrors of online abuse. Anita walks through the insulting halls in the trailer and someone sends her a text on her phone, leading her straight to a monster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Short Message will be coming to PC.

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