Silent Hill 2 Remake: Leg Monsters UnveiledSilent Hill 2 Remake: Leg Monsters Unveiled

The new combat gameplay trailer for Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake shows off a number of iconic enemies, including mannequins.

Eerie Enemies Revealed in Latest State of Play Trailer

A new Silent Hill 2 trailer was unveiled during Sony’s State of Play, giving a look at several enemies, including the iconic monsters known as mannequins. While the new footage has revealed many of the locations and monsters in the game, Silent Hill 2’s release date currently remains a mystery. However, the video does share a lot about quality and progress, and what fans of the series should expect from the new engine.

The monsters of Silent Hill were already terrifying even with the old engines. Some fans would argue that Silent Hill 2 had some of the weirdest and best enemy designs to hit the series. The strange forms of many human beings are the stuff of nightmares. If the PS2’s somewhat blocky shapes and blurry textures already made these monsters look weird, it looks like the upcoming Silent Hill 2 has upped the ante even further.

New footage for the Silent Hill 2 remake surfaced during the latest PlayStation State of Play. The combat trailer offers the first detailed look at Silent Hill 2’s strange enemies, with protagonist James Sunderland taking on the monstrosity. Some of the enemies featured were the Bubblehead Nurse, Flesh Lips, and the famous Mannequins – which some fans casually refer to as the Leg Monsters.

Silent Hill 2 Official Trailer

According to Silent Hill 2 lore, these enemies are based on the protagonist’s psyche, albeit with an ambiguous design due to the character trying to forget some details of his past. Although the bobblehead nurse looks scary because it is more humanoid, mannequins are more popular in nature because of the design of the legs on their legs. Not to mention, a certain scene where Pyramid Head interacts with the mannequins is etched in the memories of many fans.

Speaking of Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, the trailer seems to offer a glimpse of the most iconic monster in the franchise. Unfortunately, the footage cuts abruptly before showing a more detailed look at the creature. Fans will also be looking forward to seeing how all these creatures populate the world of Silent Hill once the game comes out. The micro-details of each enemy’s appearance can give more background to their terrifying designs in this new HD environment.

Several scenes in the trailer hint at some of the key moments and locations found in the game, but many fans are wondering how faithful the Silent Hill 2 remake should be. With the lack of details, hopefully, the gameplay trailer is just the beginning of many future updates regarding the title, which should have a target release date in the future.

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