Pokemon Fan Crafts Male Version of Kangaskhan!Pokemon Fan Crafts Male Version of Kangaskhan!

A gifted Pokemon fan creates a playful fatherly version of the beloved first-generation pocket monster, Kangaskhan.


  • A male Kangaskhan has been created by a Pokemon fan artist, who chose to carry the infant on its shoulders as opposed to in a pouch.
  • Popular Pokemon are frequently reimagined by fan artists in inventive and novel ways, such as by creating new evolutions, infant forms, and regional variations.
  • A Poison-type Eevee evolution is among the many fan-made Pokemon inventions that JJonnie, the artist responsible for the male Kangaskhan design, has shared with the community.

A talented Pokemon fan artist designed a patriarchal version of Kangaskhan. Of course, in Pokemon lore, Kangaskhan is the only female species. Described as the “parent Pokémon”, Kangaskhan is usually seen with its baby inside its pouch, similar to a kangaroo.

Reddit user JJonnie designed a male Kangaskhan and is sharing his unique creation with the community. Unlike the traditional female Kangaskhan, the male version does not have a pouch. Instead, it carries its baby on its shoulders. Even Jay Joni added a bit of background to his creation, claiming that the male Kangaskhan is “more playful” than the female version. The father likes to toss his child in the air “but sometimes drops it.” The artist even illustrates this in his post.

JJonnie’s Diverse Pokemon Artistry

Over the years, JJonnie has shared a ton of fan-made, Pokemon-inspired creations with the community. More recently, a Pokemon fan artist created a poison-type Eevee evolution. On top of that, JJonnie has created Pokemon in a variety of unique forms, mixed multiple creatures together, and even blended different styles through franchise crossovers.

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