Palworld Players Unite: Demanding New Building FeaturesPalworld Players Unite: Demanding New Building Features

As the game moves through early access, some Palworld players suggest features they want developer PocketPear to add in the future.

Palworld players have been calling on developer Pocket Pair to add some key features to the game’s building mechanics sometime in the future. The open-world game of exploring, crafting, capturing, and battling monsters has just launched in Early Access, but it has already attracted a large following and passionate community. Indeed, Palworld is looking like a huge success story in the making.

Despite only being out for less than a month, Palworld has a great Steam rating after nearly 200,000 reviews. Of course, that doesn’t mean the game is perfect, or that fans don’t have suggestions for potential improvements. As an Early Access title, Palworld is still under construction and subject to change and expansion. Now, some fans are creating a wish list of things they want to see in the final version.

On Reddit, a gamer going by Unhappy_Panic_1875 posted a list of building features he’d like to see included in the game, and he’s getting support from fellow fans. Specifically, the post calls for the ability to move furniture and upgrade an already constructed foundation. Other Redditors were quick to echo those requests and chimed in with some more requests of their own.

Players on Palworld Want to Be Able to Relocate Furnishings, Improve Foundations, and Make Other Beneficial Adjustments

In the post, Unhappy_Panic_1875 lamented the frustration of destroying the furniture to move it elsewhere and restarting the base after acquiring a better foundation. Other fans shared these sentiments and suggested other improvements such as a snap-to-position system, to make it easier to align multiple objects, or a checkmark system to help players remember where they are. What has already been done? None of these changes or additions were revealed in the new Palworld update released for Steam and Xbox this week, but many are certainly hoping they will be in the near future.

Base design and building are a big part of the Palworld experience and a feature that sets it apart from titles like Pokemon. This is also a feature that many players have been taking advantage of. Recently, for example, a Palworld player built a cool in-game bridge base, and others have shared their own unique creations. Given how much fans have taken to this element of Palworld, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Pocket Pair listen to fans and expand this feature in future updates.

As Palworld goes through early access and gets closer to its official launch, the game is likely to receive many more updates and plenty of new features to its base building and other parts of the game. Already, Palworld fans have been calling for improvements to the Pal Essence Condenser and many other aspects of the title outside of building and design. Which features will get the updates first remains to be seen, but there are clearly a lot of players hoping to see the base build get most of the attention.

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