Indiana Jones & the Great Circle on PS5 in 2025Indiana Jones & the Great Circle on PS5 in 2025

The first Indy’s game in over a decade is coming to the PS5 just months after it reportedly hit the Xbox.

An insider has reported that Microsoft is considering releasing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PS5 a few months after its December 2024 launch on Xbox.

After weeks of rumors that smaller Xbox exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves would be coming to PS5 sometime this year, a new report has opened the floodgates by claiming that Starfield and possibly Halo-like There may also be major releases. Coming to PlayStation in the near future.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle in Spotlight

While it already raises a ton of eyebrows about Xbox’s new strategy, one of the biggest questions it raises is about the fate of future games published by Xbox. The biggest one on the horizon is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, which was recently shown for the first time at the most recent Xbox Developer Direct.

According to The Verge, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is “tentatively” slated for release on PS5, though if it does, it looks like it won’t be until a few months after it launches on Xbox. The Verge also reports that The Great Circle is currently planned for release in December of this year, which makes sense given that developer Direct only said it would be released in “2024.”

Xbox’s Game Multi-Platform Strategy

Xbox’s plans for some of its games going multi-platform don’t seem to have been finalized yet, with Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves being the only sure-fire bets right now, but if Indiana Jones and the Great Circle ends. After joining them, he is then said to have a “rather short period of immunity”. Details aren’t set in stone just yet, but it’s said to be on Xbox for “a few months” before making its way to PS5.

Microsoft’s Game Expansion Plans

Microsoft has yet to confirm that it’s bringing any of the games to other platforms, but XboxEra’s report on the matter claims that an announcement is on the way in the coming weeks, so It shouldn’t be too long until we hear more. That being said, it looks like the fate of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has yet to be decided by Xbox, so its release window on that console and PS5 could be changed before the end of the year.

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