Halo Infinite Update: New Map and Exciting AdditionsHalo Infinite Update: New Map and Exciting Additions

A new Halo Infinite update adds a new map inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved, limited-time events, several improvements to the Forge, and more.

  • The Illusion map and the Operation: Spirit of Fire event are new features in Halo Infinite’s most recent update, offering players more experiences and content.
  • Players can unlock up to 20 levels of free rewards in the current operation, with future operations offering unique themes and armor covers.
  • The update also brings improvements to Forge Mode, featuring the Covenant Object Palette, Forge Mode Creator, and a new AI toolkit, which enhances players’ creativity.

Halo Infinite’s 29th Content Update

The 29th content update for Halo Infinite from 343 Industries includes a new map, the temporary Operation: Spirit of Fire event, and a ton of other improvements. In addition to outlining the latest update, the Halo Infinite creators provided details on what would be added to the game over the following three months.

As of the January 30 update, 343 Industries confirmed that Halo Infinite will no longer run a traditional season. Instead, the development team will deliver content in “Content Updates” and “Operations” which are large in-game events lasting about 4-6 weeks at a time. Content Updates, or CUs for short, will contain new maps, gear, and other content that Halo fans typically expect with seasonal models. 343 Industries also ditched the controversial paid battle pass system for Halo Infinite, with each content update offering 20 free tiers unlockable rewards instead of 100 paid tiers.

Illusion Map and Mark IV Armor

In a new Halo Waypoint post, 343 Industries has confirmed that the latest update to Halo Infinite introduces a brand new Illusion Map, The Operation: Spirit of Fire event, the classic Mark IV armor, and various new features. Designed as a love letter to the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved, the Illusion map takes place at an abandoned ONI black site that stores recovered Covenant technology that may sound familiar to those who played Halo. The first entries have been paid. The new map is available in Halo Infinite’s core playlists, and players can equip the classic Mark IV armor for free just by starting the game. What’s more, the new update lets players take advantage of multi-use shoulder customization for all corps and unlock additional Mark IV gear pieces for free, including weapon charms and armor attachments. Silver team helmets from the Halo TV series from Paramount will also be available for free within Halo: Infinite, with one helmet available per week.

New Features and Content for the January 30th update of Halo Infinite

  • Illusion map
  • Operation: Spirit of Fire event
    • 20-tier free pass
  • Classic Mark IV armor core
  • Halo TV series Silver Team helmets
  • Multi-use shoulder customization
  • New Forge features
    • Covenant Object Palette
    • Forge Mode Creator
    • Material Swap
    • More AI toolkit features

Operation: Spirit of Fire will be active until March 5th, so February will be an important month for Halo Infinite players who want to unlock all 20 levels for free. Once this operation is over, Cyber Showdown 3 will begin with Operation “Viral Machine” aesthetic and rewards for the CHIMERA armor cover. Cyber Showdown III will run until April 5, and The Yappening 2 Operation will bring an April Fools’ theme to Halo Infinite on the same day.

343 Industries launched the latest update to Halo Infinite’s ever-popular Forge mode with new features and improvements, including a material swap feature for plants. First, the Covenant Object Palette is now available with over 70 Covenant-based objects inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved. The all-new Forge Mode Creator lets players script nodes, save their work, and share their projects with others. This feature should help players clear the map budget in Forge mode and explore the community map faster. Finally, the Forge AI toolkit gains a number of new behaviors and traits, including movement speed and damage resistance.

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