Destiny 2 Unleashes Update 2 Unleashes Update

Bungie releases the latest Destiny 2 update, making 2 major changes to seasonal activities and removing a popular Starcrossed exploit.

Bungie releases update for Destiny 2, fixing a number of issues, and making player-friendly adjustments to seasonal activities, and has been used within the Starcrossed Exotic mission to shut down exploitative players. Due to updates, expansions, and new content, Destiny 2 is a live service game that is always growing and evolving. Even with the constant changes, the passionate player base is always looking for what’s next and there’s always content that fans will want to see, including bringing back gear and weapons from the long history that the Destiny franchise is based on has to come back.

However, despite the best planning, updates can, on occasion, cause unexpected results, especially with a 6-year-old title like Destiny 2. Which has forced Bungie to react more quickly than it might have liked. The exotic fusion rifle Telesto has had a long history of disrupting Destiny 2 and has become a reminder to the community whenever something goes wrong. While not every issue has been fixed to this point, Bungie continues to release new updates to further improve the player experience and address issues affecting gameplay.

In a new blog post, Bungie has revealed that update is now live in Destiny 2, bringing fixes and improvements to a few Seasons of Desire activities. In a recent blog, Bungie admitted that the platinum clearance numbers on Coil’s activity weren’t as high as it would have liked, so with this update, wishing while defeating enemies in an attempt to increase the score to help. Increasing Glass Shards drop rate. Get teams to that platinum level. In addition, this update lowered the completion criteria required to earn the Rolled Status Seasonal Triumph. On top of that, the update fixes a number of issues with armor and weapons, as well as a specific issue that appeared to prevent claiming rewards on some Twitch bounties.

Resolving the Starcrossed Unique Task Exploit

The Starcrossed exotic mission for Destiny 2 was launched earlier this season, giving players the chance to earn the Empowered Wishkeeper Bow from Strand. To get the various catalysts for this, players will need to fight the legendary version, which can be a serious challenge for some as the boss room has tons of enemies and a ton of space to run around in do not have. An exploit that allows them to damage the boss while standing outside the room, using weapons like the Wish Ender or other anti-barrier weapons like the Revision Zero without taking any damage by shooting through the glass wall. Unfortunately for them, the exploit is apparently gone with this update, meaning players will now have to complete it the traditional way.

Recently, Destiny 2 fans have been talking about a visual issue within The Dreaming City that hasn’t been fixed in nearly 3 years. When transitioning between specific zones like the Devlin Mists in the Spine of Caress, a detailed skybox full of shapes and colors suddenly disappears completely, leaving behind a blank-looking sky. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this particular issue will see a resolution as many fans theorized that the issue came with a specific lighting enhancement in the Tiger Engine, which debuted within the Beyond Light expansion. what was As such, Bungie is unlikely to revert or restore any previous changes to this issue that are purely cosmetic.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes



  • Reduced the completion criteria for the Rolled Stats Seasonal Triumph.

The Coil

  • Increased the Wishing Glass Shards drop rate from enemies defeated in The Coil.

Starcrossed (Exotic Mission)

  • Fixed an issue where players could damage the boss through the glass wall of the arena.



  • Fixed an issue where Blast Radius would grant Armor Charge on non-enemy takedowns.


  • Fixed issue so rear-loading Rocket Launchers now correctly appear on Inspection Screens.
  • Fixed an issue where newly acquired Dreaming City weapons were not progressing with the Dreaming City badge.


  • Resolved an issue where Twitch bounties may erroneously indicate that a reward can be claimed when none is available.

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