Destiny 2 Introduces Exciting Weekly Missions for Raid Weapons!Destiny 2 Introduces Exciting Weekly Missions for Raid Weapons!

Bungie has revealed new Wishes weekly mission content that features high-value rewards Destiny 2 players can receive, including raid weapons and exotics.

  • Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will have weekly quests via Mara Soo, with the chance to earn exclusive items.
  • A new weekly quest feature called Wishes will add challenging activities to The Dreaming City and offer different rewards.
  • Players earn Wish Tokens that can be used on one of three categories, including ultimate wish weapons, new exotic armor, and more.

Bungie confirms that Destiny 2 is receiving weekly quests through Mara Soo, giving players the chance to earn special gear like exotics, raid weapons, and more. It’s been another week of revelations for Destiny 2 fans, following last week’s confirmation that Bungie is finally introducing a way for players to modify the cosmetic appearance of their Guardians. Allowing players to change their character’s body type, face, hair, or markings has been a long-standing request from the Destiny 2 community, which is finally being granted.

Weekly Quests Called Wishes, Revealed in Bungie’s Latest Update

Considering that the current Season of Desire has been extended beyond many expectations after the unfortunate delay of The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2, Bungie has been quite vocal about what they How does it plans to keep players engaged in the next five months. Part of the plan includes the usual seasonal events like Guardian Games and Moments of Triumph, though fans can also expect tweaks to the Crucible in May via a new map pack, as well as content that Bungie Into The Light is saying. However, fans are curious about a new weekly quest feature dubbed Wishes.

Thankfully, Bungie’s weekly blog post finally revealed the upcoming content called Wishes. Starting next week on January 30th, Destiny 2 players can take on Mara Soo’s weekly quest, which usually involves completing a challenging activity or objective in The Dreaming City such as the legendary Lost Sector. Or dungeons like Shattered Throne. For those who succeed, Mara will hand out an item called a Wish Token that can be used to choose a prize from one of three different categories. Bungie confirmed that Riven’s Wishes will feature new quests over a six-week period, but players will be able to complete and earn rewards through The Final Shape’s launch.

Category 1: Weapons of the Last Wish

  • The Supremacy Sniper Rifle
  • Transfiguration Scout Rifle
  • Apex Predator Rocket Launcher
  • Chattering Bone Pulse Rifle
  • Nation of Beasts Hand Cannon
  • Techeun Force Fusion Rifle
  • Tyranny of Heaven Combat Bow
  • Age-Old Bond Auto Rifle

Category 2 

  • (Hunter) Speedloader Slacks
  • (Hunter) Cyrtarachne’s Facade
  • (Hunter) Triton Vice
  • (Hunter) Mothkeeper’s Wraps
  • (Titan) Cadmus Ridge Lancecap
  • (Titan) Abeyant Leap
  • (Titan) Arbor Warden
  • (Titan) Pyrogale Gauntlets
  • (Warlock) Ballidorse Wrathweavers
  • (Warlock) Swarmers
  • (Warlock) Cenotaph Mask
  • (Warlock) Briarbinds

Category 3: Unspecified

  • Festival of the Lost Memento
  • The Dawning Memento
  • (2) Ascendant Alloy
  • (2) Ascendant Shard
  • Exotic Cipher

This season also brings with it a new Destiny 2 collaboration with CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher. While it added new cosmetic gear like armor sets and emotes, it looks like Bungie had additional plans for the crossover as it also announced a new cooperative community event. Fostering the spirit of monster-hunting swordsman Geralt, Destiny 2 players are tasked with slaying 7,777,777 enemies with swords. Completing this global task will award everyone with the Adventurer Spirit badge.

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