Death Stranding 2: New Trailer, Story Details, Release YearDeath Stranding 2: New Trailer, Story Details, Release Year

Death Stranding 2 has revealed key plot details and raised a number of nagging questions in its latest story trailer, which also confirms its launch window.

The latest Death Stranding 2 trailer revealed some key story details and the game’s 2025 release window. The follow-up to 2019’s Death Stranding was officially revealed during the Game Awards 2022, with Norman Reedus set to return as gruff courier Sam Porter Bridges, along with a handful of other characters from the first game.

Judging by how prominent she was in the first teaser, many players believe that Death Stranding 2 will explore the tragic backstory of Fragile, the owner of the Fragile Express courier company who reunited the shattered colonies. helped Sam and his BB partner Lou on their mission between the American cities. Another less friendly face returning in Death Stranding 2 is Higgs, the leader of the Homo Demons terrorist group who now plays a bit like a rocker. Sam himself looks quite old in Death Stranding 2, suggesting that a lot of time has passed since the first game.

Eager fans got another, much bigger look at Death Stranding 2 during the latest PlayStation State of Play livestream in the form of a lengthy trailer that shows off more important plot details. The trailer opens with Fragile and one of his companions retrieving someone from a death stranding, only for them to suddenly wake up. From there, Fragile guides Sam through her new mobile base of operations as she explains that she has formed a new organization called Drawbridge to reconnect the world, much like Sam did with the UCA. According to Fragile, Drawbridge is financed by a mysterious benefactor who Sam suspects is connected to the UCA.

Death Stranding 2 Release Year

  • 2025

It will be difficult to unite the planet in Death Stranding 2 because Sam will have to make his way through numerous dangerous situations and BTs. To aid him in his new mission, Sam is armed with a talking robotic puppet that Fragile says has useful knowledge and experience. Things take a turn for the worse when Sam finds himself face-to-face with the returning Higgs, who reveals his new, funny face and reveals that he now has an army of robots to get revenge on Sam and Fragile. There is an army.

Higgs turns his attention to Sam’s puppet partner with BB’s pod still attached to his chest – prompting Sam to ask if Higgs killed Lou. Before Higgs can respond, one of his minions apparently turns to him, prompting a fight that hints at a possible new battle for Death Stranding 2. Oddly enough, the rogue unit laughs just like baby Lou did in the first game. From there, Sam and Fragile wonder about Lou and decide to explore the mystery behind the former BB, and the scene changes to Sam holding his adopted daughter as Higgs taunts her. It’s a woman’s.

The Secret DS 2 trailer then ends by returning to the patient from the beginning, whom the drawbridge workers explain in detail about where she came from while a mysterious woman watches Sam from the shadows. From there, the launch window and full title of Death Stranding 2: On the Beach has been revealed, and it’s slated to launch sometime in 2025.

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