Counter-Strike 2: New Fan-Favorite Mode, Weapon Skins, Stickers, and a Shocking SurpriseCounter-Strike 2: New Fan-Favorite Mode, Weapon Skins, Stickers, and a Shocking Surprise

Counter-Strike 2 was released last year and, judging by the fact that 1.1 million players are frigging each other as I write this, has more or less seamlessly replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. has been changed. This was always the goal, yet Valve decided to focus on achieving a core competitive experience and therefore launched CS2 without some of its predecessor’s features and modes that the developer plans to add over time.

It debuted with the most requested addition to CS2 of all time: Arms Race, also known as Gun Game. A favorite for warm-ups before hitting the ranks, the mode has players cycling through the game’s arsenal, upgrading their gun after each kill, and racing to be the first player to get them all. looks at Arms Race arrives with two new maps suitable for the mode, Baggage, and Shoots.

Counter-Strike 2 Introduces Exciting Weapon Skin Variety with KW Case:

Counter-Strike 2 also gets its first weapon skins alongside the KW case, with the new skins featuring a Kukri Knife opportunity as well as 17 community-designed finishes. Nice enough though, what will most excite die-hard gun enthusiasts is that players can now place stickers on weapons wherever they like, and rotate them once placed (previously you were limited to multiple seat spots on the weapon). You can place up to five stickers on a weapon.

Along with this comes a small but significant change to one weapon, the Zeus Close-up Taser. It’s a cheap one-shot one-kill weapon, very useful if you’re hiding somewhere waiting for a better-armed enemy, but Valve has now given it a lot more utility: whereas previously this weapon had a single charge. , it now recharges after 30 seconds of use and can be used again. A Zeus ace is likely upon us (although you’ll need to switch twice to someone else’s fully charged Zeus to do so within the round time limit).

Valve Addresses ‘Packer’s Advantage’ in Counter-Strike 2 with Significant Reductions in Delay for Enhanced Gameplay

A perhaps more important tweak is what the community calls the “Packer’s Advantage,” in which clips are circulated in which certain pros in certain positions completely undercut the opposition. Of course, it’s a bit full as there has to be something to the peeper’s advantage, but apparently, Valve agrees that it’s currently too high and has reduced it “in many cases”. With the gain “at steady state [stationary] is reduced to 16ms.” He says he’s also addressed some special situations that increase the gain even more, and lets players check sources of delay. Added a new console command (“cl_ticktiming”) to do this.

Finally, there are some minor changes, including the long-awaited ‘Refund All’ option on the purchase screen. There’s a new “XP Overload” feature for players who spend a lot of time in the game, new defeat animations, and some incredibly granular map changes detailed here.

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