Baldur's Gate 3: Fan Discovers Early Clue Hinting Kagha as a Shadow DruidBaldur's Gate 3: Fan Discovers Early Clue Hinting Kagha as a Shadow Druid

Kagha, a Shadow Druid, has been looking directly at us the entire time.

In the gaming community, a Baldur’s Gate 3 enthusiast recently uncovered an early clue hinting at Kagha’s affiliation with the Shadow Druids.

It seems like we get new discoveries around Baldur’s Gate 3 almost every week, whether it’s someone finding out that you can cast Control Undead on the Thorms, or some other weird way to completely cheesy Honor Mod. While many of them haven’t been staring us in the face since launch, today’s discovery around Kagha has done just that.

You first meet Kahga in Act 1, as he takes over the Druid Grove due to Halson’s absence and the Ritual of Thorns to forsake the nearby Tieflings and protect the Grove from an oncoming goblin attack. Trying to pay. You may eventually discover that Kahga is actually a member of the Shadow Druids, a group with an extreme devotion to nature and hatred of civilization who are trying to take over the Circle.

Naturally, players need to jump through all kinds of hoops to figure this out, but one Baldur’s Gate 3 fan actually spotted a very subtle clue that tells you as soon as The first time you come into contact with him will be a shadow droid. First discovered by Reddit user I_Ace_English, this clue comes in the form of Kahga’s outfit.

Every druid you come across in Druid’s Grove is dressed in some fancy threads with a vibrant grassy cloak draped over his shoulders. Spotted by I_Ace_English, Kahga is the only Druid you come into contact with whose grassy cloak is dead and withered, meaning that he is different from the other Druids and sets him off as a Shadow Druid. has been Kahga is the only druid with a blue insignia with silver leaf on his chest, while most druids have a gold and green insignia.

He primarily wears clothing that doesn’t match any of the other droids around him, and while most assumed this was due to character design or his status as a stand-in leader Because the reason was different, she just doesn’t seem to do it. Roll with the same crowd, and brazenly flaunt it instead of dressing up.

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