Anticipated Free-to-Play Games: Your Next Gaming Obsession Awaits!Anticipated Free-to-Play Games: Your Next Gaming Obsession Awaits!

These future free games, which range from platform fighters to MMORPGs and third-person shooters, might be something spectacular.

Gaming is expensive. Whether one prefers consoles or PC, they will need to invest enough money just to set up their stations. Once the hardware is ready to go, owners will need to turn to their platform’s libraries to pick up some software. Nowadays, Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus offer access to a large selection of games for a monthly fee. However, most AAA titles do not debut on these subscription services. As a result, players can regularly find themselves dropping $69.99 to experience the latest exciting projects.

Free-to-play games sound fantastic on paper and can serve as a way to entertain someone between premium products. Many titles showcase this model’s potential, and the selection is set to expand significantly in the coming months and years. What are the most anticipated new free-to-play games announced for 2024 or beyond? At the moment, there aren’t that many no-cost projects with confirmed release dates. However, several games are in the pipeline, and they could very well debut in the next few months.

Updated on February 8, 2024, by Mark Sammit: 2024 is here, and the year will undoubtedly produce a plethora of free-to-play games. Which are the most interesting?


Warner Bros Take On Super Smash Bros

Released 2024-00-00

Developer(s ) Player First Games

Genre(s) Fighting

Considering Multiverse was available in Early Access for almost a year, it almost feels wrong to describe the game as “easy”. At this point, anyone interested in the Warner Bros. platformer has tried it, so they should more or less know if the game is for them. Although not without problems, Multiverse has left a generally positive impression during its open beta. More importantly, the release’s popularity means that Player First Games likely gathered more than enough feedback to refine the package to near-perfection before its official release in 2024.

Multiverse ends its early access on June 25, 2023, and new players won’t be able to download the game until its full debut. However, those who owned the title could continue to enjoy offline features like The Lab. Preming player-first and Warner Bros. not messing with the formula too much, Multiverse should be one of the biggest free-to-play games of 2024.

Blue Protocol

Bandai’s Anime Action JRPG

Released 2024-00-00

Developer(s ) Bandai Namco Studio

Genre(s) Action RPG , MMO

Blue Protocol is an anime-style JRPG with a weapon-based class system and real-time combat that will be published by Amazon Games. Announced at the 2022 Game Awards, Bandai Namco’s project promises to offer customization, a large world to explore, multiplayer gameplay, and a detailed storyline.

So far, Blue Protocol has showcased beautiful visuals, fun hack-and-slash combat, and a good amount of variety through its five classes. As an MMORPG, the game features dungeons that players will be able to take solo or with a team. With titles like Tales of Arise and Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco certainly knows how to put together a fun action RPG.

The First Descendant

Seemingly Gorgeous Third-Person Shooter

Released 2024-00-00

Developer(s) Nexon Games

Genre(s) Action RPG, Third-Person Shooter

The First Descendant is a co-op shooter set within the English, a fantasy world that finds humanity struggling to fight off an invasion by an alien threat known as the Vulgus. As the title suggests, players take on the roles of Descendants, which grant them unique abilities. Ingris is split into separate maps rather than one big sandbox, and the game will feature story missions along with global co-op missions that serve as a standard campaign.

The upcoming free-to-play game plans to offer a range of customization options courtesy of skins, weapons, and equipment. Planned loadouts will allow players to go ready for battle against enormous bosses.

Sword of Convallaria

Released 2024-00-00

Developer(s) XD

Genre(s) Tactical RPG

The Sword of Convallaria warrants measured excitement. XD is the company behind Torchlight Infinite, a free-to-play hack-and-slash title that launched to a lukewarm reception but has improved somewhat since then. It’s still not a must-have project, but those looking for a Diablo-like release that doesn’t require an immediate investment should consider it.

Sword of Convallaria doesn’t seem to have much in common with that title, and the upcoming free-to-play game appears to be inspired by classic tactical JRPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics. While these types of projects have become relatively common in recent years, they rarely enter the free-to-play scene. As a result, this release can fill a gap that has generally been left unfilled. The visuals look great, and the marketing focuses on storytelling.


Ubisoft’s Crossover Shooter

Developer(s) Ubisoft San Francisco

Genre(s) FPS

Ubisoft’s XDefiant looks like one of those games that should already exist in some form, and part of the illusion is due to similarities to other PvP projects on the market. The FPS game brings together several Ubisoft franchises, categorizing them as distinct factions that come with unique abilities and powers. Once players pick a character and customize their loadout, they find themselves working with a team in arena-style battles set within maps inspired by the publisher’s features.

The announcement of XDefiant did not result in a lot of publicity as there are many free-to-play shooters on the market. However, an open beta helped sell the game’s potential. Even if it’s not a particularly unique free-to-play game, XDefiant plays very well because it borrows some of the best ideas from older Call of Duty projects.

Off The Grid

Ambitious Battle Royale

Developer(s) Gunzilla Games

Genre(s) Battle Royale

While not much is known about Off the Grid’s moment-to-moment rhythm, the upcoming free-to-play game certainly has lofty goals. Despite its demise, Battle Royale is still quite popular, though newer properties have struggled to find their place alongside heavyweights like Fortnite, PUBG, and Warzone 2.0. Off the Grid aims to set itself apart from the crowd by putting its story forward. Yes, it will be a battle royale that emphasizes its narrative through an evolving battlefield.

Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Elysium, is working on the cyberpunk battle royale game as its chief visionary officer. Aside from directing the upcoming Gran Turismo, Blomkamp isn’t particularly involved with gaming, but he’s shown a knack for bringing sci-fi worlds to life.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland

Free-To-Play Spin On The Division

Developer(s) Red Storm Entertainment

Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter

Ubisoft is expanding The Division franchise with a free-to-play title, albeit somewhat delayed. As a result, Heartland is potentially in danger of losing momentum, especially since Ubisoft’s recent freebies like Roller Champions haven’t set the world alight.

That said, The Division is a well-known property that has produced generally decent online-focused games, and the 2019 sequel is still going strong after all these years. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed too much about Heartland, only that the game will include a PvPvE mode that pits up to 45 players against each other.

Throne And Liberty


Developer(s) NCSoft

Genre(s) MMORPG

Anyone into MMORPGs has heard of NCSoft. The company and its subsidiaries are responsible for Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, Lineage, and Wildstar. Certainly, not all of these projects can be classified as roaring successes, but they nevertheless demonstrate the skill of the developer. Throne and Liberty is shaping up to be one of NCSoft’s most ambitious projects to date, especially since the MMORPG has been in development for over a decade.

After countless delays, the game has apparently finally reached a state that suggests a proper release could be on the horizon. In May 2023, NCSoft also opened registration for a closed open beta based in Korea. Although not much is known at the moment, Thrown and Liberty should include traditional quests, a weather system, and a mechanic that allows players to transform into animals. PvP also appears to be in the cards.

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