A Definitive Ranking of The Last Of Us 2 Remastered's Hardest Bosses!A Definitive Ranking of The Last Of Us 2 Remastered's Hardest Bosses!

Bosses in The Last of Us 2 Remastered are terrifying, plenty of them. Here are the most difficult ones that the players will face during their game.


  • Our Finale 2 remake for PlayStation 5 offers better graphics, faster loading times, and better frame rates.
  • The remastered version includes ‘The Lost Levels’ for players to explore unfinished content and hear from the developers.
  • The game features intense boss battles with challenging attack patterns and requires strategic combat skills to overcome.

The most recent, eagerly awaited Naughty Dog release is The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. It updates many aspects of the game and adds completely new content. The remaster complements the PS5 system, which means better frame rates, faster loading times, and of course, even more stunning graphics. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered also includes ‘The Lost Levels’, which allow players to explore unfinished levels that were cut early in the game’s development and ask the developers to explain their choices. Listen to the context.

One of the biggest additions, though, is No Return, a roguelike survival mode that allows players to continuously go through factions while playing different, previously unavailable characters. No Return is relatively forgivable as it allows players to return to the workshop between levels to upgrade their weapons and skills, but if they die, they have to start the entire run again. Every level in this new mod ends with a boss fight, and even though most of them are from the original game, they’re just as terrifying as before. Difficulty can be subjective as some players may have an affinity for hand-to-hand combat, while others prefer to take shots from a distance. However, with the range of bosses throughout the game, The Last of Us 2 Remastered has some seriously difficult opponents for players to encounter.

6: Abby vs. Ellie

A Challenging Battle of Emotions Against a Cunning Ellie

The final boss fight of the Seattle section pits players against Ellie, who is very conflicted. Here, players will find that all the gameplay elements they relied on while playing as Ellie are suddenly being used against them, but any knowledge of her abilities will still come in handy. Eli is stealthy, so there’s no point in trying to run towards him. Instead, Abby needs to crawl behind him to have a chance.

The most important tactic in this fight is to use listening. Ellie will be lurking around, setting trap mines, and paying close attention to Abby’s movements. The challenge here comes from Ellie’s survival skills, meaning she’ll hear Abby if she runs into or knocks over anything in the environment. Throwing bottles will lure Ellie in, and Abby will have to hit Ellie a few times to advance the story.

5: The Rat King

A Honestly Horrifying and Unusual Monster in Several Phases

Abbey Day 2 in Seattle is easily one of the scariest chapters in The Last of Us 2, mainly because of the hospital part. Players will visit a sealed-off part of the hospital that has been untouched since the infection first spread across the globe. The whole area is wonderfully foreboding and creepy, with a wonderfully creepy atmosphere and the distinct feeling that something sinister is lurking around the corner.

That monstrous thing will become the Rat King, a gigantic, nightmarish creature that’s all rolled into one. The Rat King is also the final unlockable boss of No Return, which further proves how terrifying this fight is. In a proper game, the first part of this fight is simply running away. The second phase is combat, which will involve using a flamethrower and every weapon Abby has. Players should use the Flame Thrower wisely, especially when The Rat King gets too close or when Abby needs a moment to gather herself. One of the most important things to remember is to keep moving. This area is large and specially designed for Abby to duck and move through as The Rat King is always following her and can break some barriers to get to her. It’s game over if the Rat King approaches too closely.

The third phase will see The Rat King break away, releasing some of the stalkers. Players will want to move the stalkers out of the way quickly so they don’t surprise Abby while she’s focusing on The Rat King. Eventually, with enough fire, the monstrous creature will go down, and players will be able to progress.

4: The Final Scar

An Animated Melee Combat with Difficult Attack Sequences

After an intense rescue mission and the loss of Yara, when Abby and Leo are so close to escaping the island, players encounter an incredibly violent and angry mark. This guy is no joke and must be wielding a very dangerous sledgehammer. The most important aspect of this fight is timing as his attack patterns are not the same every time.

Players will need to pay attention to fight this guy. Abby needs to dodge when he swings and then some punches. The more damage players take, the more swings the final score will take, meaning Abby will have to dodge more than once as the fight progresses. After such an intense chapter, players will likely be adrenaline-fueled and anxious, but watching the enemy move will help a lot in knowing when to dodge and when to attack.

3: The Arcade Bloater

A Single Battle in a Limited Space

Arcade Blotter is the culmination of everything players learned in their first encounter with Joel, but now they have to do it alone. Not only is it a heartbreaking narrative point, but it’s also a much more challenging fight from a gameplay perspective. Players are in a relatively small area, especially since Blotter can and does destroy the environment with his charging attack, which limits Ellie’s cover.

To defeat the arcade blotter, players must implement what they learned the first time around. To the best of his ability, Ellie should stay out of sight and use cover/smoke bombs to avoid being seen. Since the arcade blotter is big and moves a lot, laying trip mines is the best way to damage it. Again, players should be careful with ammo and try to get headshots for maximum damage. Ellie can try to force a fight, but eventually, she’ll run out of places to hide. She’ll find herself with little time to reload or heal since Blotter is usually right behind her.

2: Abby vs Tommy

Requires a Great Deal of Thought and Is Hard to Avoid Hits

Chapter 8 (Day 3 of Abby’s portion of the game) Abby and Manny will encounter a mysterious sniper standing on a bridge that stands between them and their destination. This sniper, as many players can immediately guess, is actually Tommy, who is particularly skilled with weapons. This boss fight is unique because there’s really no way to fight back, and Abby’s combat skills are pretty useless.

The best way to defeat Tommy is with patience and consistency, moving carefully between covers. Tommy’s main goal is to attract a victim to Abby, but he’ll obviously shoot her if she’s in plain sight. To counter this, players must take down the victim, remember the loot, and keep moving forward. Abby doesn’t have to kill Tommy here, so rushing this part won’t do anyone any good.

1: Ellie vs. Abby

An Emotional and Cruel Face-Off

Ally vs Abby is technically the final boss fight in the game and sees Ally finally give up everything she’s worked so hard for in an attempt to kill Abby. By this stage, the players will likely be feeling incredibly stressed and emotionally drained, which exactly mirrors how both Ellie and Abby are feeling. At this point in the narrative, Abby has no interest in killing Ellie, and ultimately, players will see that Ellie cannot bring herself to Leo the way Abby did with Joel.

For all these reasons, this boss fight is primarily story-driven, but players will still need to use their dodging and close-quarters combat skills to take down Abby. This fight is designed to only go one way, and the hardest part is how brutal and painful it is. This is easily the most provocative fight in the game and has a more unpredictable rhythm than other boss fights, making it truly feel like a survival fight.

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